Property Maintenance & Management Department

The firm has grown to become one of the largest Property Management & Maintenance Management companies in Penang providing high quality professional services to property owners and developers. This rapid success has been achieved through the high professional standard and quality management.

This department is a service-oriented business and its success is dependent on a dedicated work force. With the growing awareness of the need for the professional property maintenance and management services to protect and enhance property investment,
C.A. Lim & Co. is well placed to play the role and face the challenges of the future.

Normal Property Management services comprise of the following:







Property Management Services
Advice on and make proposal to improve and maintain the capital value of the property, if and when required and deemed necessary.
Determine all necessary repair and maintenance works including improvement works within the common area of the subject property and to engage and supervise all relevant contractors.
Carry out regular inspection of the subject property’s common area and grounds in order to determine contingency maintenance requirements.
Liaise with government, statutory and local authorities whenever required to ensure that all statutory requirements are complied with.
Arrange and conduct meetings to settle issues raised by residents/owners and to formulate policies and/or house rules and regulation pertaining to the common property from time to time.
Submit regular report on the subject property on matters such as defaulters, preventive maintenance requirement, proposed improvements and cost saving measure and budgetary situation to the Developer/Joint Management Body/or Management Corporation from time to time.






Facilities Management
To assist in engaging and supervise site staff to carry out preventative and daily maintenance programmes.
To assist in engaging and supervise contractors for the cleaning of the subject property’s common areas and grounds.
Arrange and supervise contractors for mechanical, electrical and fire fighting inspection and maintenance within the subject property’s common areas and any other contractual.
Attend to preventive and emergency repairs within the common areas of the subject property.
Regulate and enforce by formulation of policies for the usage of common areas and grounds, including fixtures and fittings by residents and their guests.





Financial Services
To supervise and see to the preparation of:
monthly financial receipt and payment statements;
payment advice of quit rents, insurance premiums and other statutory out-goings, if any, where applicable;
payment advice and make payments for Property Management & facilities maintenance services, where applicable;
banking matters pertaining to the property’s operating management funds, and
subject property to be agreed upon from time to time toward the objective of minimizing operating expenses through stringent budgetary control, tender procedures and economies of scale.
To submit an Annual Budget for Building operations and to monitor the budget with a monthly variance report.





Administrative Services
To supervise and see to the:
Invoicing, collection and issuance of receipts for service charges or contributions and other operating incomes
The Planning and Administration to ensure orderly parking where applicable
To ensure site operation staff carry out their duties as per their terms of employment
To undertake a survey of the common area buildings and fixtures and to advise on the staff requirements to ensure the smooth management and administration from time to time.
To monitor and control the use of common areas by owners and residents
To advise on insurance coverage to protect the interests of the owners in respect of the building and common areas, and to administer all claims permissible by the policies, and
To ensure the status of the common property conforms to statutory requirements at all times.