The Company

C A LIM PROPERTY SURVEYORS SDN. BHD. (Reg. No: VEPM (1) 0022) is licensed and registered with The Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers on June 2019.

The Company is an expansion from C. A. LIM & CO. (Reg. No: VE (3) 0036) which was established in June 1992 by its principal, Dato’ Sr Lim Chien Aun.

Our Services

Valuation Department
Estate Agency Department
Property Management Department

Primarily, our professional services consist of five elements as follows:

Property Management Services

We engage and supervise all relevant contractors and / or service providers on behalf of our clients for all necessary repair and maintenance works…

Facilities Management

We advise and assist in the engagement of contractors / service providers for the cleaning of the subject property’s common areas and grounds…

Financial Services

We see to the preparation of full annual accounts as well as monthly financial invoices, receipt and payment statements, payment advice of quit rents…

Administrative Services

We supervise and seeing to the invoicing, collection and issuance of receipts for maintenance contributions and other operating incomes and expenditures…

Other Services

If required we also liaise with Statutory Bodies, the Offices of the Commissioners of Buildings and also legal appointees.

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