The primary function of Valuation Department is to determine the fair market value of landed properties for various purposes such as mortgage, financing, compulsory acquisition, corporate accounting and asset review, corporate restructuring, real property taxes assessment and appeals, fire insurance, sale, purchase and leasing, auction reserves and foreclosures, rental evaluations and for rating purposes.

Our valuation expertise and experience portfolio covers a spectrum including residential, commercial and industrial properties, agricultural and development land, hotel and resort properties, hospitals, private school / college / university premises, petrol station, quarry, other properties with special uses as well as plant, machinery and equipments.

The Company also acts as a financial and / or economic development consultant where its clients are advised on the best use of the land and how to optimize returns through Market Feasibility Study Reports.

We adhere to strict professional practice standards stipulated by the Malaysian Board of Valuers, Royal Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in accordance to the Malaysians Valuation Standards and other International Valuation Standards.


The Estate Agency Department is the professional marketing arm which specializes in the primary and secondary market properties as well as project sales and marketing for new property developments.

Our real estate agents are specialized in a wide range of services such as those pertaining to the sale, purchase or leasing of residential, retail, commercial, industrial and leisure properties for corporate and individual clients. This would also include the sale and purchase of development and agricultural land.


Previously, Messrs C. A. Lim & Co. had grown to become one of the largest Property Management companies in Penang providing high quality professional services to property owners and developers. This rapid success has been achieved through attaining professional standard and quality management and providing solutions for property management and maintenance issues toward the objective of maintaining and enhancing the property value at all times.

This department is a service-oriented business and its success is dependent on a dedicated work force and service providers. With the growing awareness of the need for professional property maintenance and management services to maintain and enhance property investment in line with the Building and Common Properties (Maintenance and Management) Act, 2007 (Act 663) and the Strata Titles Act, 1985 (Act 318), the current Company is well placed to play the role and face the challenges of the future and in accordance to the professional practice standards stipulated by the Board of Valuers, Malaysia and Royal Institution of Surveyor, Malaysia.

We currently also provide our Property Management services including consultancy work to Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

Primarily, our professional services consist of five elements as follows:

Property Management Services

We engage and supervise all relevant contractors and / or service providers on behalf of our clients for all necessary repair and maintenance works including improvement works within the common area of the subject property primarily with the objective of maintaining and enhancing the property’s investment values.

Facilities Management​

We advise and assist in the engagement of contractors / service providers for the cleaning of the subject property’s common areas and grounds as well as the mechanical, electrical and fire fighting facilities and supervise the inspection and maintenance of such facilities within the subject property’s common areas.

Financial Services​

We see to the preparation of full annual accounts as well as monthly financial invoices, receipt and payment statements, payment advice of quit rents, insurance premiums and other statutory outgoings to be submitted to Registered Accountants and Auditors.

Administrative Services​

We supervise and seeing to the invoicing, collection and issuance of receipts for maintenance contributions and other operating incomes and expenditures;

We monitor and control the use of common areas by purchasers and residents in accordance to House Rules and policy decisions made by our clients which would include Developers, Joint Management Bodies and for Management Corporations;

We advise on insurance coverage to protect the interests of the purchasers in respect of the building and common areas, and to administer all claims permissible by the policies;

We also attend to regular site meetings, annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings as well as to record and prepare minutes of such meetings if required.

Other Services​

If required we also liaise with Statutory Bodies, the Offices of the Commissioners of Buildings and also legal appointees.

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